Phil Coulson, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
I need you in my pants. Kthx.

Justin I am at work.



I’ve been gaining some but not gaining numbers.. i think i’m loseing some too. i’m stuck at 179 even tho i keep getting new follower. i want 200 so i can post my fucking picture! I’m pimping you out just give me another hour so so
I was at 400, then went back down to 398, then went back up to 400, now it’s dropped to 396

*quietly promotes both AV and the Harrier because they are both swell and deserve to hit their follower milestones. And the Harrier is looking for people to fill his RP holes so check that out too*

So I suck at keeping up.


And I am stressing myself out about it. As much as I’d like to be able to, I can’t even keep up with one blog right now.

The ones I will continue logging on on a regular basis are:

John Hart


Until I get my shit together, I’m deleting my saved passwords for Lucy Saxon, Rose the Vampire, Alyce the repo man, Agent Coulson and Abi Brand so I won’t be tempted to log on to them. Every time I log on, I feel guilty and stressed because of my lack of time and focus. I know I wasn’t keeping up with them anyway, but 

ALSO, 90% of my tumblring will be mobile. And I’m sorry about that but I really don’t find myself sitting in front of a computer all that much. Except for when I’m working and shouldn’t be focusing on replies. 

Again, I’m sorry. And its going to be a few months before I have free time on a consistent basis. The project I’m working on is funded until November, so at that point I am going to go from 60+ hours a week down to less than 30. With any luck, after that I will be able to find a normal person full time job so I can have weekends and a more consistent schedule. But until November, I’m going to be really awful at RPing. 

If I’ve tagged you, I’ve got some specifics for you under the cut.

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Why am I so busy, though?

Dear Everyone,


I’m sorry for sucking and never being online. Well, I am, but usually I’m mobile and at work, and when I’m on the computer, I’m usually fried and not able to think. Just started my third job. Then I got a cold. So I’m just a frikking mess.

But when I’m mobile, I’m on the only character I can keep up with, and that’s Tethar. She’s not all that good or interesting of a character, but she’s the easiest one for me. So until I get my time a little bit more squared away, I’m going to continue sucking, and I hope you’ll be patient with me and not write off our threads, because I DO like them.


So S.H.I.E.L.D. is shadowing vampires now? Made my night!

SHIELD has dealt with your kind for quite some time. 

Even back when Fury was white. 

But we don’t generally interfere in your affairs so long as you’re not doing anything particularly harmful.


20 mg (by samantha_josephine_photography)

It’s come to my attention that sometimes I just start talking at people as if I expect them to magically know all of the characters I am currently playing. I get shocked when they don’t. So here is a list of the characters I currently log on on a regular basis:


Lucy Saxon (of Doctor Who)


Agent Phil Coulson (of Marvelverse)


Tethar (slave OC)


Rose McCann (vampire OC)


Captain John Hart (of Torchwood)